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There are some circumstances which can't really be explained. What's known as coincidence is often the work of a force beyond what ordinary people can see. There's no chance of seeing the people who cause these circumstances just lingering outside of a cubicle in some bank or office, at least not now. There are also some people.

These are the people of the Paradise Association, an agency which is the legislative authority and enforcement in matters regarding something that has effected every being in this dimension: Time itself. They do not control time, but they never forget what happens in their scope. Secretive and in a land of its own, there's little known of the organisation, but some have seen the true face of Paradise.

These creatures and people are off in their origin. Some slink around in the night, hiding in the alleyways of cities. Some are the beings who lurk in the Everglades and other waters, only to strike at those poor souls to stray too close. Some fly higher in the sky, dominating the air with their only competition being the manmade aviation machines with which they share. Some are the large beasts seen in remote areas, attacking whichever foolhardy traveler that provoked them. Hell, some of these people can be the very person running the soup kitchen and the frequent flier at the dive bar.

They are the Ixalen, or what's left of them after the tragic event that rendered their species virtually extinct and their planet inhabitable. Joined by their close allies and evolutionary relatives, the Eolen, and the few members of humanity that have heard their pleas, they are under constant threat. They realise there is no way to defeat such an entity with what little they have, they are instead focused on staying hidden, out of sight for their safety.

Paradise Trainees
Ghiris Janulis Anima Francis Wheeler III Mazoga Shan Enigma
Terakawa Iwao November Wickett Albany Puccino Rhystel Yinvyre Francis Wheeler I
Locke Obscura Delphine Icarus Lucien Tambright Tona'coco Radiance
Aragon Sowilo Othala Algiz Maxim Hallisey
With Reasonable

Guidance By

Quicu'iza Acatl'paq Francis Wheeler IV Jera
Ixalen Eolen Otlan Trust
Cualaac Pateztica Tlil'anqui Citlal'quimo Mint Iwao Bash Wheeler
Muahnotza Alognotza Tlil'xapo Polo'tlil Macaztlatotl Teohua
Nexnotza Yoalnotza Lachin'ontla Cetl'yoalii Frankie Wheeler Netequizqui

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